Why Choose Rechargeable Technology?

As the demand grows for “wearable” compact technology, so does the demand for the methods to power them. Professionals are looking into sealed-in power cells for your hearing devices. Imagine the ease of setting your hearing technology on a charging pad or plugging them in with a USB connection at night, waking to refreshed hearing aids. “Battery-free” hearing aids could become a part of your reality, call our team today to learn about all of the ways this technology can change your life.


This technology offers:

  • Savings: Buy one battery per device once a year. Some devices come with non-removable, lithium-ion batteries that can last multiple years, even the typical lifespan of a hearing aid.*
  • Peace of mind: Enjoy continuous, stable, and uninterrupted power throughout your day.
  • A quick charge: Recharge your batteries while you sleep, and enjoy all-day power in the morning.
  • Stress-free maintenance: Avoid the hassle of buying and installing disposable batteries.
  • Convenience: Replace your batteries just once a year, at your annual checkup.
  • Something for the environment: Rest assured one eco-friendly pair of rechargeable batteries equals 200 disposables.
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Rechargeable hearing aids


How to Get Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Book an appointment with our office and get a live demonstration of the latest rechargeable technology offerings. You will wonder why you didn’t visit sooner!

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